Wednesday and Thursday, August 24th and 25th, 2011

David and I first met with Dr. Gonzalez on August 24th and 25th.  The first meeting lasted about two hours.  We discussed my medical history and the results of my hair sample analysis.  The meeting ended with a physical exam.  So, the meeting was pretty much what you’d expect for a first meeting with an orthodox physician except for the controversial hair sample analysis….I’ll explain.    
Two weeks prior to my appointment, I had snipped a few strands of hair and sent them to Dr. Gonzalez for testing.  Before we reviewed the results of the hair sample analysis, Dr. Gonzalez handed me a sheet of paper covered front and back with a list of all the things that the hair test measured.  Here’s a high level list of what he could tell from those few strands of hair:
        nutritional deficiencies
        health of DNA/RNA
        toxic poisoning such as levels of aluminum, mercury, etc.
        whether or not I had parasites or candida
        how well I managed my stress
        total body function – an overall measurement of health
        overall level of toxicity
        the amount of cancer that I had
        the health of my cervical spine
        the health of each of my organs, glands and systems
        the breakdown of my autonomic nervous system, meaning how strong are my sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
I sat there in awe as Dr. Gonzalez was able to tell so much about my body from the hair sample.  He provided so much information that I half expected him to tell my fortune!  J
I learned that the hair analysis is extremely controversial and extremely accurate.   There is only one lab in the country that Dr. Gonzalez will trust and it is run by a former patient of Dr. Kelley. 
At a high level, my heart, small intestine and lungs were a little weak which was probably due to stress, the antibiotic I took last summer, and the bronchitis I had in July, respectively. 
My bone marrow, red blood cells, and white blood cells were far out of range which was predictable, given that I have multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. 
My cervical spine was a mess.  This was no surprise as a chiropractor told me the same thing a few years ago.  I was surprised, however, to learn how concerned Dr. Gonzalez was about this.  I learned that Dr. Kelley believed that 95% of cancer patients have suffered some kind of trauma to the cervical spine.  The five percent that say they haven’t simply don’t remember the event (ie. they were dropped from the crib).  The brain controls everything in our bodies and if the blood supply to the brain is compromised, as it is with an unhealthy cervical spine, nothing is going to work right.   Dr. Gonzalez proceeded to explain that he knows the best chiropractor in the world.  This chiropractor is sometimes able to fix the curve in a patient’s neck with one appointment.  He said that he doesn’t do a physical adjustment so you don’t feel anything.  It was critical that I travel to Atlanta sooner than later to see Dr. Roy Sweat. When I asked if I should bring a travel juicer on my trip, Dr. Gonzalez said that this appointment is more important than a thousand carrot juices.  WOW.  Given the fact that I had drunk 8,760 vegetable juices on the Gerson Therapy, this was big news.
My liver was in great shape which he never sees in new cancer patients.  The health of my liver can be attributed to all the coffee enemas I had done and the fact that I hadn’t done any conventional cancer treatments. 
I learned that my autonomic nervous system is almost perfectly balanced and that only 2% of Dr. Gonzalez’ client base has a balanced system.   Balanced people don’t normally get cancer which means that I was probably exposed to a major source of toxicity when I was young.  It may be the fact that I drank well water and grew up surrounded by crops that were sprayed. 
As far as my cancer goes, I have a moderate amount; the equivalent of someone who has a tumorous disease that has metastasized.  Dr. Gonzalez says that he sees a success rate of 80% in his patients who have the amount of cancer that I have and that he believes that nine out of ten that fail do so due to non-compliance.   He said that for me to fail I would have to be grossly non-compliant.  
Well, I must say, I liked those odds.
The therapy includes a diet, supplements and detoxification.  Scroll to the bottom of the “Gonzalez Therapy” tab of my blog for details. 
Here’s what bugs me, though.  Why aren’t the conventional doctors doing something like this hair sample?  I mean, I know why, but this is wrong.  To think that he is able to learn so much about my health with a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive hair test?  To get that much data from an orthodox physician, I’d have to run around to several different specialists and spend a small fortune, not to mention endure a bunch of invasive exams.  In the end, they still don’t recognize candida or parasites or adrenal health, nor can they guide me on how to heal from the inside out.  Remember how my lungs, small intestine and heart were out of range?  Although I’m not symptomatic, Dr. Gonzalez realized those organs needed a boost and is giving me supplements to strengthen them.  He can catch and address the weakness before it’s a problem, not to mention the fact that I am healing them in a way that is safe and non-toxic with no side effects.