Wednesday and Still Going Strong…

I was at the clinic yesterday and got a neupogen shot, my blood work counts came out too high for anything else. Dr. Anderson wants me back in on Thursday to check again before I travel, which I think is a good plan. Next week when we return from the wedding weekend in Georgia we will start the 2nd round of chemo with Cytoxan added to the Velcade and Dex mix. I am ready, I got prescriptions filled and have mentally prepared myself for the side effects, ready to fights, they’re just battle wounds and scars as we go. 

The previous weekend in Atlanta went great. Greg and I enjoyed the get-away with one another and found it to be almost like a trial run for the wedding. My strength held up pretty good, except at one point when Greg saw an open/abandoned wheelchair people-moved thingie at the airport, he told me to hop on, I guess I was dragging and we had quite a ways to go. He was able to push me and pull our bags (mine was on wheels and he fixed his to the top of that) and get us through pretty rapidly. Everything went relatively smoothly, from the flights (once the outgoing finally took off after all the delays!) to the car rental to the hotel. My supplies were there when we got there and we warmed up a bag running hot water in the sink so I could do a treatment. We were mostly on time for things, and the events went smoothly. Overall a really good trip. 

In the morning I had Audrey and Stephanie pick me up to go to Cracker Barrel to meet Karen and Paula. We ended up lingering at a table for several hours, I didn’t need to be back at the hotel room until noon, per my agreement with Greg. He went to meet the Mahoney’s for an early lunch at La Cocina, the Mexican restaurant we used to go to A LOT. So the girls and I also shopped in the store and then sat in the rockers out front and took pictures and visited for awhile. We had beautiful weather the whole time, by the way. It was really great to see and visit those guys, too. Lots of laughs. Three cancer survivors at the table — Audrey, Karen, me.

Stephanie did not talk too much about the trouble she is having in her marriage, I imagine she did not want to discuss it in front of Karen and Paula. Paula might have been of some help, though, since she has been through a divorce. It sort of seems headed that way. And its not even 5 years, I remember her and Lee’s wedding so well, at Whitlock House in Atlanta. Its the one we talk about that the train went through during vows, and the whistle drowned out what they were saying, it was unfortunate. Apparently there is a pretty big change of rain in the forecast for the wedding weekend around Atlanta. Ooops!

Saturday when we got to the church where the Commissioning was being held. Andrew’s Mom saw us right away and since I had had to call her to verify the time (there was a discrepancy on the Facebook Event and the invite we received) she knew we were surprising them. She went and got Lindsey and just said, “Lindsey come here, I need you for something” and brought her to us. They were very surprised and touched that we made the effort and had shown up. We visited and took pictures and for the ceremony sat on the left side but it gave me a different angle for pictures plus the other candidate being Commissioned did not have as many people so it worked fine. We didn’t really want to sit over on the side with Evelyn anyway. She, by the way, did not speak to us all weekend. Or we didn’t speak to her, I’m not sure, but it went great.

Afterward the Ceremony and more pictures, a lot of the Taulbee’s wandered over to the sandwich place nearby so we joined them, there were two tables of people. Greg and I then went to our hotel so I could do a treatment and get a nap, and we both fell asleep pretty hard. It had been 1 am when we got in the night before so its understandable! And I had broke out my little lingerie number that was supposed to have been for Friday night but we got in too late to even consider staying up even later! It was sort of funny when we showed up almost an hour late for the cookout at the Taulbee’s, but no one seemed to really care. We got there right in time to make a plate and eat. Andrew’s Mom makes some of the best baked beans I have ever had, I think it must be a load of brown sugar or perhaps molasses. I had a glass of wine and Greg had several beers and we sat out back for awhile, which was mainly neighbors and guys, but it was nice out and fun to just plop there and enjoy people.

After awhile we ventured downstairs where all the “kids” were playing bowling on the Wii, and some ping pong was going on. At one point Greg and I sat at the kitchen counter looking at the laptop where they had loaded all the pictures from the afternoon and his graduation on Wednesday, and Evelyn decided to clean the kitchen, so she was at the sink across from us, banging and slamming things around but not speaking to us. Greg and I sort of exchanged looks and giggled about that some. Yea, we hate it for you that this last guy in the succession of men has hit the dusty trail, you hag. Perhaps its something about how you treat men? Huh? 

We got up in the morning and headed to the airport, returned the rental car, went through security, found something to eat and then headed to the gate. All went smoothly. I mostly played on my iPhone and worked puzzles on the plane, never really falling asleep so I was in need of a nap when we got home. We went by CostCo thinking we would get nice steaks to grill out for the roomies to thank them for watching the house and cats in our absence. When we got home, however, they had pork chops and steaks thawing in the sink and were off shopping. It was funny that we all had the idea to grill out. I insisted on silver turtling the potatoes with onions, garlic, carrots, some spices and although I didn’t do any of the work, they sure turned out great. Or maybe especially because I didn’t do any of the work! 

I am going to go work in my square foot gardens for awhile, then run errands. I would think about talking Greg into going up to the Rockfish Grill for that wonderful crab bisque I love, but I am trying to watch what I eat. I had the dress I am wearing for the wedding on last night, but that doesn’t mean I want my weight to start going upwards again. I know starting next week I will not taste food and will have nausea all the time so I should enjoy eating while I can. I’ll get another break like this when we go on the cruise in September, I mean two weeks straight instead of just one week OFF.