Wearing a Ruby around my neck

Our family had our annual family photo shoot this summer and as I was scanning all the photos for the 9,482 time I got stuck on this one:

For me, this captures my relationship with Ruby and also possesses a strong reminder the role Ruby plays in our family. You see, at diagnosis, the hardest thing to swallow was the thought that my oldest child, Ocean Philip, would never grow old enough to have any memories of me. At the time, Ocean was 2.5 years old.

Almost 4 years later, Ocean is now six, 4’2″ tall, and has a mean soccer kick he may have gotten from his daddy! To add to the beautifully unfolding story, we added a third child to the mix after a lot of prayer and some doubt on whether having another child before starting rigorous chemotherapy was the “right” thing to do.

Well, today that third child, Ruby, is almost the age Ocean was when we were handed the cancer card. We were told by one of the UK MM bloggers that rubies are known for their blood cleansing properties in many cultures. Ever since her arrival my cancer has diminished to the point where it is no longer detectable.

Beyond the mystical blood healing properities, our Ruby constantly wraps herself around us and reminds us to have a clean and joyful heart. She has the most adorable laugh and gregarious personality that we wish we could bottle up and sell on Amazon.

I will forever wear this beautiful Ruby around my neck.