We need your prayers this week

Tony’s kidney function has improved since his procedure.  He continues to be so brave and strong willed, just like we know him.  Always positive.
This morning he was coughing up some phlegm which was concerning the doctors.  They immediately got an x-ray done of nasal and lungs to rule out pneumonia.  All good with the results.
They have decided to go ahead with the chemo treatment. Their concern right now is his current health and beginning the chemo at a weak state. But we need these lymph nodes shrunk!  He will be monitored big time!  It will be administered in the morning for 24 hours for 4 straight days. He will always have a family member present with him during this time.
We ask that friends and family respect our wishes with regards to no visitors.

We will need your prayers and blessings this week.
Customers of Delor, please be patient as my brother and our two sons help to continue to run the business during this stressful time for us.
God bless.
Good night.