We may have a donor!

Shabbat Shalom
(Cedars provides a Shabbat box for patients on request.   It contains two battery operated candles, a challah and a box of grape juice.   Everything I need to ring in the sabbath!)

Good news. We may have a donor!

We received a response from a prospect in New York.  He’s a 9/10 match and I’m told that the mismatch is not an important one.   So, next step is to get a blood sample and confirm the match. Meanwhile, the registry has identified a match in Israel who would be a 10/10 match.   But he hasn’t responded yet as to his willingness to be a donor. I understand it is preferable to have a couple of potential donors to choose from, so they want to give it a couple of weeks before deciding on the first guy.   But if all goes well, we could be scheduling the transplant for late September/early October. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’m back at Cedars for part B of round 2 of HyoerCVAD chemo.   For those of you keeping score, I’m getting methotrexate and cyteribine this time around.  I’ll be here til Monday or Tuesday, barring any complications. (Demi Lovato is also here somewhere.  Haven’t seen her). I’ll be back in a few weeks for round 3, but if all goes smoothly with the donor, that will be the last of the chemo.  

In other news, results from my latest bone marrow biopsy are the same as the last one.   No detectable cancer cells and my status is MRD negative, which means I’m in remission….which is where I need to be before the transplant.   So, everything seems to be on track.