We got the call !!!!!

The hospital called today at 1pm to say a bed is now available.
On Christmas Eve.
The best present ever.
On Christmas Eve.
Good news is that they asked if we celebrated Christmas and it would be ok with them if he checked in by 8pm on Wednesday, Christmas Day.  If he went in today, all they would do is hydrate him.  They said it could wait till tomorrow……WOOHOO!!!!
The best news ever AND we get to enjoy family time tonight and tomorrow.
So, after Christmas lunch tomorrow, off we go to check him in at the Hospital.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and best wishes during this holiday season.  Everyone has just been wonderful.  And, my mom, for watching over Tony from Heaven.

This ice storm has put out many people. Many continue to be without power during these holidays.  My heart goes out to them.

God bless you all during these festive holiday times.
Merry Christmas everyone.