We are back and ready for more!

We arrived back to Little Rock last week. Went through the regular tests: blood, bone marrow biopsy, EKG, Echo, MRI, Bone Density…. We had an app with our dr. on Friday. After 4 hours wait, we saw him. All is well and he is happy with the progress I made to date. I told him that the fact I was not yet in remission bothered me. He told me that based on my subtype, being in remission did not bother him and that is not important fact. He told me to get that out of my mind! Not sure about that… and would have to ask him some questions when I see him next. Seem to me that getting into remission with any subtype is the key. While waiting four hours in the waiting room – we had a chance to catch up with folks who are going through treatment now. We saw several folks who started with us. We also met several people who were here post their treatment for checkup…. It is always encouraging to see people after their treatment – 5, 7 years looking good and healthy.

We start transplant #2 next week. I get my central line placed on Monday and get my high dose chemo administered that same day. Stem cell transplant is on Tuesday… after that we wait for me to recover. After the 2nd transplant, I have two rounds of consolidation per TT4-S protocol.

Coming home with absolutely wonderful! I did not want to leave the house. The boys had spring break the first week so it was great to have them around. I never knew just how much I love my home and how much of a home body I am till now….

More later.