Warning: Shameless bragging about our kid

Last night, we were invited to the 7th grade awards ceremony. They don’t tell you what award your kid is getting, just that they are getting one or more. So we dressed up a bit and went. Olivia got TWO awards.
She recieved the first award of the evening for having her motto selected as the new school motto(they just re-vamped our school system and we have a “middle” school again.) Her idea, “Learn today-soar tomorrow” will be used in this school for now on. She then received the president’s silver award for having all A’s with no more than 1 or 2 B’s for the whole school year. Obama himself signed it(read, intern stamped his autograph). We were very proud. I sat there and had to stop myself from tearing up because this kid
gets dealt this rotten hand at 8 years old by having her Dad diagnosed with cancer and yet, she muddles
through and does this well in school. Pretty impressive to me that she handles this as well as she does.
For Liv, she was most jazzed about her motto being used and that she had another excuse to
work this into a trip to our local ice cream parlor. That kid would eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and
dinner, if