Warm Summer Days, Family and Precious Memories

EZ, and I recently enjoyed a rare opportunity to spend a few days at the cabin with Mom, our two daughters and ALL the grandchildren. Rain or shine we had a great time cuddling, swinging, exploring, picking flowers, reading and just watching kids be kids. Seems like all too often we don’t make time for the ‘simple things’ anymore; the things we did as kids like being outside, finding snails, playing marbles, or swinging on a front porch. We loved every minute of our time together (so sorry Jamie, Kyle and Nick couldn’t make it…we missed them!) and hated to see our week come to an end. Times like these refresh the spirit, nurture the soul, and give us memories to treasure. Leah took most of these pictures and I just LOVE how she captured the colors of summer with such clarity.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!