Waltzing Through Summer

I dance with a unique sense of rhythm. It brings a big smile to my face when I recall our ballroom dancing instructor telling Lu, “He leads and you follow. It is your job to make him look good even if he can’t keep time.” I can assure you that despite the somewhat sexist undertone I look much better because Lu is really good at her job. We have been waltzing through this dark fungus loving wet cool summer with significant panache.
There was a fortuitous clerical error that caused last month’s blood work to be missing the MM indicators. This month’s blood work was postponed for an extra couple weeks because I didn’t want to screw up my waltz. Skipping a few beats is one of my fortes.
About a month ago a colleague chiseled a couple holes in one of my vertebrae, inflated it back up to size with a balloon and then filled it with this stuff that resembled nail polish. Then I went out for lunch and haven’t looked back since. Our mattress apparently was not the cause of my back pain – the pain was gone the next morning never to return.
School starts tomorrow so visiting the oncologist will just add an extra beat to what promises to be a highly syncopated mambo. (BTW I truly suck at quick Latin dances).
The Myeloma Beacon published a short Patient Perspective about me that references this blog so an update was in order. If this is first time you have visited my blog welcome.