Walked Only 0.6 Miles – January 10 2012

I’m weary today and if I didn’t have Kemmer, I would not have walked at all today. I managed to do 0.6 miles on the Mine Hill. You can see from the map below how close the Mine Hill is to my house in Mackay, Idaho. My house is at an elevation of 5,903 feet and the Cattle Guard on the Mine Hill where I park to begin my walk is at an elevation of 6,233 feet. Before I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I walked from my house up the Mine Hill to the Cattle Guard and beyond EVERY DAY – I was a HAPPY walking machine! Even the week of my diagnosis in May 2012 with my hemoglobin just 10.6 (I didn’t know I was anemic at the time), I hiked up the MIne Hill. I ached all over – especially across my back at my scapula, but I had turned 60 years old and I thought you just ached when you got older —- little did I know I had multiple myeloma!
I finally got my January 5 2012 Echocardiogram Results today over the phone. There has been no change in the size of the blood clot in the right atrium of my heart. I asked that Dr. Shull’s office send me the report and they said they would. However, the persistence of the the blood clot is a real bummer for me – I so want to be ACTIVE again, but fear the clot breaking away in my heart and going to my lungs or brain!
A good friend sent me the following this morning which made me giggle out loud!Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?