Walked 1.0 Miles – January 2 2011

I love being home in Mackay, Idaho where I can be in the hills in less than 5 minutes from my house. Kemmer loves it too because there are so many little critters to chase (mostly voles and rabbits). I was way over dressed this morning…about 24 degree and no wind.
This is the Mine Hill just above my house and the reason Mackay, Idaho was found in 1901 when copper was being mined. The mine has long since closed. The Mine Hill contains the White Knob Mountains in the Salmon-Challis National Forest.
Below is Mackay with Lost River Range and Mt. McCaleb on left (11,427 feet) directly across the Big Lost River Valley from the Mine Hill. Our valley is about 4 miles across between the two mountain ranges with the Big Lost River running through Mackay. We are fairly isolated and don’t even have a stoplight – you have to drive 100 miles to even see the closest stoplight.