Walked 0.6 Miles – January 6 2012

I walked Kemmer only 0.6 miles this morning on the Mine Hill. Mackay was covered in clouds, but it was clear and cold at the Cattle Guard on the Mine Hill. I’m not sure what I should be doing with this blood clot in the right atrium of my heart????I thought I might hear about the results of my echocardiogram yesterday, but I did not. I did call Dr. Shull’s office in Idaho Falls and asked them to send me my blood test results from January 4 2011. I REALLY MISS the instant blood test results from Colorado!I also called the Atrium Pharmacy at the University of Colorado because my pharmacy here in Idaho has told me that they cannot get Fragmin 12,500 unit individual injections for me. The pharmacist at UCH said they could get Fragmin in a multi-dose vial (20,000 units per cc) and I could draw up the 12,500 units myself. Now, I have to work on getting a new prescription.