Walked 0.6 Miles – December 29 2011

Jani and I drove up the Mine Hill and parked at the Cattle Guard. We walked south along the BLM Road. I only went 0.3 miles and then back to Jonah 0.3 for a total of 0.6 miles. So far, no chest pain from the blood clot in my heart – keep your fingers crossed! Jani and the happy dogs went down the BLM Road to the old Shay (railroad) track road and walked down to the Shay Blacksmith Shop where I picked them up in Jonah (a total of 1.72 miles for Jani … all downhill).
I’m home where the air is clear and there is room to run!!! December 29 2011
Jani made the photos above and below with her iPhone. Makes Mt. McCaleb and the Lost River range look a million miles away when in reality, they are just 7 miles away. Below, the iPhone app just deleted half of Kemmer…or is that Zoe?

Zoe, jm, Kemmer on the BLM Road above the Mine Hill Cattle Guard December 29 2011. Zoe and Kemmer are 3 years old and came from the same litter (born in Kuna, Idaho). Kemmer is my dog and Zoe is Jani and Robbyn’s dog. When Jani and Zoe depart for Colorado in a couple of days, Kemmer and I will be SOOOOO SAD!
Mine Hill just 1 mile from my house in Mackay Idaho December 29 2011Kemmer and Zoe on Shay Road December 29 2011Former Empire Mine Blacksmith Shop in Mackay, Idaho – the first stop on the Mine Hill Tour (a must see for all visitors)!
Below is the same location in around 1908. The original blacksmith shop burned and was rebuilt without the cupola.