Knitting is a sensible thing to do while waiting to see the doctor. There were lots of patients today and we had to sit quite some distance away. With my knitting essentials, the wait time past without fuss. With head bent and fingers busy, I could sense the tiredness and weariness of those waiting with nothing to do, many of them very old and in wheel chair.
Yet the nurses are still cheerful and smiling, speaking gently and kindly to each patient as they did the vital checks – weight, temperature, BP.
I told the nurse that by the time I walked to the assessment corner, I’ll need some minutes to settle down, else my BP reading will be high. The facilities at NUH Cancer Center is really overcrowded with nary a space to walk. Come August, the new medical center building will be ready.

Today’s review is positive…very encouraging… This is only half way through the 1st cycle of Pomalyst, a new drug for me. An earlier review was required since it is new and we need to know what effect it may have on the counts. Therefore we were immensely pleased that so far the blood counts are holding up well in the normal range – WBC 6.2, platelet 213, HG 13.7, neutrophil 3.6 and all the …cytes normal! Although we will need to really see the result after a full cycle, the interim analysis means that I can continue and proceed with Pomalyst. Additionally the m-spike did drop from 5.2 g/L to 4.8, so there will be hopeful waiting as I complete the 1st cycle and move on to the next cycle. I am so very thankful that I am able to take Pomalyst without much complication. The only minor side effect – I had itchy scalp and a slight rash on my forehead to the brows and ears which went away with one antihistamine. My forehead looked sunburnt but only for a day, the antihistamine was effective. Otherwise I do not not feel any adverse effect, in fact I am glad that Pom makes me rather sleepy by night time and I am more than happy to get an early good night sleep every night. I literally struggle to keep awake to take the nightly dose at 10pm. The instruction is 2 hr before or 2 hr after meal and I have selected to take Pom,  2 hr after my dinner ends which is usually done by 8pm. So, no more late nights!

PS. On a sadder note, our beloved Cavalier passed away today…he was 10.5 years and suffered congestive heart failure. We loved him so much and will miss him. He has brought us much joy and comfort, his memory will linger on. Still grieving …

A day so strange … the twine should meet… good and bad news we greet.