Waiting for UAMS-MIRT results

Monday I had my 4 mg of Zometa infusion and my local blood work along with blood work for Little Rock.  I ship the B-Box to UAMS-MIRT and await the results.   I am spoiled in that, MIRT gets back to me with results in about 4 days including mailing!!!  Most other peoples’ test take  weeks…. I realize I am a whinny ass baby!  But waiting for these results is very hard to do.  In the interim I have been keeping busy earning my keep, writing briefs, watering my tomatoes and picking out Ky Derby picks for tomorrows 138th running!   If you get bored go to youtube and type in 1973 Preakness and see
Secretarit the greates race horse of all time come from last place and pass the other horses like they were standing still!   My wife and I have pictures with Secretarit from his Horse farm days , about a year before his death.   The horse , literally posed for pictures, pulled his head up and ears and turned his
head to his good side!  What a beautiful ham that horse was and the muscles on his chest at age 18 were still like iron coils under his skin.   Like I said, if you love horse racing the 1973 races for the triple crown are worth viewing.

Well off for now, till later.