Waiting for Results

Waiting for test results is a way of life for cancer patients and it never seems to get easier.  One would think that after nearly three years of monthly blood tests and daily blood tests during stem cell transplant, several MRIs and CT scans, and  multiple bone marrow biopsies, waiting for results would get easier.  

Last Monday, I had yet another bone marrow biopsy because my last blood work showed that the  lambda light chain (a myeloma marker) had gone up out of the normal range.  My oncologist keeps me on a tight rein so he said a bone marrow biopsy was needed to see exactly what is happening.  So now, I am in “waiting for results” limbo.  It isn’t easy but I suppose in some ways it has become somewhat less daunting.  I find that I don’t spend every day worrying about it now and if the news isn’t good, it won’t be a shock.  My appointment with my oncologist to get the results is next Thursday and I do know as it approaches, I will become more on edge.  However, I have been through this many times and I have survived the ordeal before, so I know I can do it again.

I recently received the latest Patient Power posting and there  is a very encouraging interview with Dr. Sagar Lonial, Professor at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Director Translational Research, Emory Healthcare. Dr. Sagar discusses “Using Combination Therapy to Treat Multiple Myeloma.”  In light of my recent setback, I felt more hopeful after listening to this interview: