WAIT, I hadn’t even totally figured out the last configuration!

I guess my blog changed. When I sign in now, it has a whole new format that I can’t even begin to figure out. It just took me a minute to even find out how to make a new post. OY! I hate the new facebook timeline too, and have not switched my own page, but understand that they will all change automatically on some such date. Terrific. Just when I start to feel somewhat adept at something, they change it all around. So, onto the news. Not too much, I guess. I started my blood pressure meds on Sunday. The doc didn’t think this low dose was gonna touch my numbers but it has. So far, no troubling side effects to report, which is a miracle for me. I can’t avoid these meds anymore. My pressure is way too high. My car is at the shop for the second time in a week. Something is majorly wrong with it. It’s only got 57K miles on it. Boy, they don’t build them like they used to. I’m hoping it doesn’t cost too much. I’m only keeping it another year or so. Olivia is still kicking butt in softball. She is striking out batters like crazy, catching pop flies and throwing girls out on base. She has made most of the outs herself and even hitting really well this year. She totally rocked on Friday night and the head coach gave her the game ball. The kid is dominating the mound. We were freezing Friday night and in the first inning, she struck out the 1st, 2nd, and 4th batters, retiring the inning in 4 hitters. She got hits at all her at-bats, and parents were coming up to me in the dugout and saying, “MAN, she’s on FIRE!” It was great fun! Our 2 poor catchers were catching her fastballs with cold hands and both of them said their hands were hurting, she was throwing so hard. I spoke to my mother-in-law for the first time in 6 months. I had to call her to give her field directions for that game. I kept the conversation to Olivia’s games and an injury she’d suffered in the prior game(catcher ran into her as Liv was about to catch a short pop-fly and knocked her silly, hitting her in the mouth with the catcher’s helmet and cutting her lips up on her braces.) She is fine, though. I don’t think Tim’s mom wants any part of getting into “things” with me. Neither she nor Tim’s dad EVER says a word about what happened, not that there have been more than a few, short phone calls anyway. I’m sure they don’t want to hear the truth. I think it’s bad enough for them to know that they screwed over their son and his family so badly, he doesn’t want to see or speak to them, and Tim’s sure they’re hoping it will just “blow over” in time. My parents are home from their cruise. Mom wound up in the ER when they got back, with what she thinks was an intestinal parasite, but overall, they enjoyed the cruise. Her memory is really slipping, and mine seems to be nearly as bad, which scares the heck out of me. I’m so hoping it’s all this menopause and stress nonsense going on with me. Cancer is still such a main focus in my mind. The other night, I took Liv and her friend to a charity basketball game, played by some teachers and parents from our town’s 2 elementary schools. It was to benefit a family, whose 1st grade daughter has been fighting brain cancer since she was 13 months old. We wound up sitting right behind the family. I almost cried several times. Here’s this pale, little girl who is mostly bald with scars on her head and little wisps of hair poking out. Here we were, right behind them, with our own cancer battle going on, and a few rows behind us, was a girl whose dad died of colon cancer a few years ago (I knew him since I was a teen, he married a girl I was friends with.) In the space of 10 feet, you had 3 families devastated by cancer. CANCER SUCKS! I just don’t know how you go on, when it’s your kid though. I know people don’t know how I go on, with Tim having it. I guess the answer is the same. What freekin’ choice do you have? This mom in front of me, had 2 younger girls too. The youngest, under 1 and still nursing. I guess, like me, she puts the game face on and does what she has to do for her family. If the mom goes down, the whole shebang falls apart. Some days, I think I’ll go get a steel magnolia tatooed on myself. I’m no southern gal, but I don’t know what would substitute as a northern/jersey girl symbol. Maybe brass knuckles. Soldiering on…….