W. Anniversary

It was totally unplanned. But during our short trip to Penang with our friends, we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Our friends surprised us with a cake and a meal at a fine French restaurant (as part of the original travel itinerary and it happened that it is same day as our anniversary, how delightful!) They ended the evening by having us answer some birthday trivia, mostly to question Paul on how well he know me after all these years. It was all done in good fun! But the best was they tried to hum some Christmas tune with our names in it…. our friends are quite a creative fun-loving lot.

rickshaw – mode of transport
front of Blue Mansion

We visited some heritage sites and historical houses – Blue Mansion of rich towkay Cheong Fatt Tze. Of course not to be missed are the local Penang food – char kway teow, or luak (oyster omelette), ngo hiang, assam laksa, prawn noodle and chendol (the stall by the road was dishing out bowls after bowls to customers standing by the roadside).

For a couple of weeks I am not on medication – no dex, no Rev – and really I feel good, no fatigue! It may be a short break but I relish every moment of it. Next Monday, is appointment with doctor, will see what he suggests next.