Vitreous Floater – April 11 2013

Around midnight on April 9th in to April 10th I noticed a rather large blood blob in my right eye. The interior of the moving blob had many many black dots that were all moving – pumping in and out – very strange. I had no vision through the brownish blob. I told the nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls about this weird new eye deal and they consulted Dr. Padavanija who thought it was important enough to refer me to an ophthalmologist  for a consult in light of my low blood values, anti-coagulant therapy, etc. 

Appointment with ophthalmologist, Michael Taylor, MD in Twin Falls, Idaho to be evaluated for this new eye deal in my right eye.

Filling out 1st visit paperwork is always fun~~~ Shirley Olsen went with me from Mackay in case they did something to my eye which made driving home difficult or impossible. I’m so lucky to have such a good friend who was willing to give up a total day, miss work, etc.

They dilated my eyes with yellow drops. I HATE having my eyes dilated, but this time it didn’t seem to make me systemically ill feeling like it has in the past. 

Dr. Taylor is pretty sure I have, just a vitreous floater – a consequence of NORMAL AGING – the first time I’ve ever been happy to hear that I’m aging! He said my brain will get used to it and it won’t bother me as much as time progresses – it could even disappear. I’m to return immediately if I notice a “curtain coming down over my vision” or developing flashing lights.

In addition, I was born with physiologic glaucoma  which is not a problem!   However, when my eyes are examined internally, it looks like I have a good case of bilateral glaucoma. When a person really does have glaucoma, the pressures in the eyes are elevated. My pressures have always been normal. Today, the pressures in my eyes were just a tad above normal, so, Dr. Taylor wanted to do additional tests to assure himself that I just had physiologic glaucoma and not developing glaucoma. The additional picture tests were normal, so I continue to have normal (if there is such a thing) physiologic glaucoma. Dr. Taylor wants me to come back in 4 weeks to have the pressures checked again for sure.