Vitamin C and clean desert air!

Profound apologies for not updating my blog recently (if anybody’s even listening!).  I’m doing okay, despite climbing M-spike numbers.  It appears that five months of chemo drugs last year didn’t really do much to halt the progression of myeloma for me.  I may have to do another round, but am trying to hold out for the antibody therapies which will be available in a year or so, and are much less toxic.  These basically teach your immune system to find and destroy the cancer cells, like it’s supposed to do in the first place, and are far less damaging to the body than the drugs.  There are some great results coming out from the clinical trials and both my oncologists are excited about this line of treatment – coming soon!
Meanwhile . . .  I have found a wonderful oncological naturopath to work with down in Arizona, Michael Uzick.  A link to his website and clinic is over on the right.  He has been giving me high dose Vitamin C IV infusions twice a week for several months now (50g at a time!), and put me on some interesting immune supporting supplements, such as a mushroom complex (AHCC) and a cancer fighting mineral (germanium), as well as pancreatic enzymes.  Other immune helpers he has me on are magnolia bark and low-dose Naltrexone (google it, this is a drug which helps auto-immune conditions and has put people into remission from cancer just on its own).  Interesting – but expensive! – stuff.
The good news is that all of the above has HALTED the progression of the myeloma in my system.  We haven’t quite started to reverse it yet, but just putting the brakes on it in a natural way is a major step forward.  I tried so many things on my own (see all the previous posts), but without professional guidance, none of it came to much.  But with Michael Uzick’s help, things are really starting to turn around.
I’ve also been staying with an old friend in a very pristine, clean-air house and environment here in Arizona, which has aided in my healing.  The air quality out in this high desert is awesome . . . but must watch out for the rattlesnakes and scorpions!
So that’s the update on the medical front for now.  I promise to post more regularly as to the outcome of Michael’s regimen.
And lastly . . .
I am having trouble affording all of the above (it’s running at well over $1,000 a month), so there is a little charity where people can make donations towards alternative health care costs for myeloma in a tax-deductible way.  If you would like to help me with these costs, in even a small way, please take a look, and donate if possible — I would be so grateful.  (On this website, there is a place on the second page of the PayPal donation form, and also on the mail in form, where you can put my name.)
Love and blessings,