Vitamin C and Cancer Drug Roots

Just before choosing cancer therapy, we should explain what exactly these cancer. Cancer cells are primitive cells that grow in miniature oxygen environment. Drug cancer shows reverse the effects of oxygen deprivation. Oxidative stress is the root cause of all disease, and cancer there are exceptions to this rule. Cells that are made to thrive in an atmosphere of reduced oxygen substantial subjects of oxidative stress.

Biochemistry is complex and there is no need to show them here but an important aspect in lowering oxidative stress is to apply an antioxidant. Antioxidants are most useful given the wild vitamin C plus the best way to really get it intravenously.

There are a large number of research available proving the benefits vitamin C and cancer. When taking vitamin C intravenously, you can now do more than you can for those who simply take by mouth. You come against bowel tolerance when swallowing vitamin C, this dramatic loosening of the stomach after you reach the threshold value.

This intestinal tolerance value is not enough to overcome cancer. This can only be achieved intravenously. This dose of pharmacological doses, no dose vitamin. It took at least 60mg a day as vitamin vitamin C to prevent scurvy, but a number of pharmacological anything from 35g to 100g depending on weight.

Antioxidants are needed to prevent oxidative damage induced by tension. Oxidative stress is actually a chain reaction in which the components of the cell compounds from other regions of the cells that destroy the cell itself. Damaged parts of the cell is exactly equal to a neighbor and so on.

Radiation poisoning is an example of extreme oxidative stress. Radiation Damage to the cells to be sure, but you despite the life immediately after exposure to radiation, considerable damage will kill you performed a few days later.

Vitamin C may protect against oxidative stress, for example for radiation poisoning. Evidence of military use to the right destination. What happens is the fact that when oxidative stress occurs, say right after radiation exposure, block C vitamin chain reactions that damage. It would be better.

Not only can damage vitamin C finally, it can indeed eliminate the cause of damage in the first place. The way it works is the glutathione detoxification pathway physical body. Glutathione is made in the liver and its function is always to connect and wrap any toxins in the body. Immediately after take and wrap an offending toxin, glutathione drops in the colon that prepares for disposal. When enough vitamin C in the blood stream, regenerate glutathione vitamin to ensure that they find another poison to get rid of.

So not only will damage repaired, the toxin that causes damage in the first place is eliminated by the body. Amount required for the prostate is about 75 grams per infusion cancer in two infusions per week for as long as necessary. An additional minerals are both needed at the same time with a minimum of 200 mcg selenium and 2000iu vitamin D.