Velcade is working!!!

I am beyond thrilled. I’ve had 5 shots of Velcade now and my labs are good.

My CBC has come back terrific,all in normal range, Neutrophils great, platelets good, WBC good, RBC good. My CMP all good too.

But the best news is my m protein went down almost in 1/2. .9 to .5 YEAH

So excited. My light chain test was put in wrong so I had to do another draw yesterday. But…… the test he did just kappa/lambda and hang on, I don’t want to get too excited yet. were in the normal range. The ration, unfortunately was slightly high. So now I have to wait till the serum free light chain comes in before I celebrate. Also, I’m taking my ex that morning of my shot and its actually worked out pretty well. I always took it at night to get thru the first 8 hours or so. But I think this is actually working better. I was pretty hyped out last night, but then i took ativian and slept good.

Today is home day except meet at the civic center for our little koffee klatch.

sometimes its just 2, sometimes 6. But nice to chat. Plus these are mostly all friends of the library ,so I get to glean gossip.

Well, off to tidy and watch the rain (again!!!!)