No it’s not a virtual avian with an attitude but rather a typically obtuse medical acronym. It stands for a myeloma drug treatment regimen involving Velcade, Biaxin, Revlimid, and dexamethasone. There are 2 items of importance here, firstly it has a near 100% response rate and secondly I become a raging lunatic on 40 mg of dexamethasone! The net effect will drastically increase the entropy of the world, reduce the congeniality of my marriage and kick some myeloma ass.

All this because last week’s PET scan confirmed that although I’m stable there are active chewing myeloma lesions in T11, my left hip and my right pelvis. The hole in my head although large is of no particular consequence because there is little inside worth troubling about, it supports little hair and only an occasional usually little hat.

The T10 repair job done last summer was so successful a T11 kyphoplasty is probable. I have an appointment with the folks in Cleveland regarding the rest of the holes.

I am looking forward to weekly infusions on Mondays followed by 2 sleepless nights a worthless day and a massive quantity of unfinished projects to deal with come Thursday.

Don’t interact with me early in the week without thick armor and a boat load of time. I will have plenty to say of minimal relation to anything but of urgent relevance to me.

This all starts on Monday so you have been warned and advised that this is your last week to extract any knowledge I might have in timely and coherent manor.

Oh yea and the Viagra regimen didn’t make things worse, but it didn’t help in the second cycle. At $18 a dose from Walgreens I decided to stop… and I was not about to click on any of those links that show up daily in my spam folder for $2 version thereof.

Still laughing at those plasma cells!