Lillie, Karen, Mark updates

Written Jul 11, 2012 3:48pm

Our watermelon eaters 1982 Summertime at beach 1979 thereabouts

Miss Lillie

Some of you may know Miss Lillie had emergency surgery approximately 45 days ago. She had a malignant cancer in her intestine which was removed along with 4 of 12 glands and a colostomy performed. The cancer doctor says the surgeon got all the cancer and she will not need chemo. She will be monitored by monthly blood analysis. If she needs chemo in the future it will be a pill taken 2 weeks and off 1 week with no loss of hair, sickness and other side effects of chemo. Miss Lillie was very upbeat with this news and we all went out and had a fish sandwich with fries. She is at home and doing very well. Cooks rarely, cleans and points likes she always has..it is really remarkable. Karen is tending and keeping eye on things from a distance.


Karen has been aggravated with the shoulder surgery for a while now. Mainly the bone build up on the plate which is very painful. She went to another otho in Chattanooga to see and was told would need to take the plate out to fix. Well since the plate is glued in … good luck. So she has not said much about  getting attention for the problem


Labs still look good, aches and pains prevail but who’s gripping….don’t ask my wife please. Go to Arkansas first week of August…praying for good things.


  • Why does it take a billion dollars to run for President in this country by both candidates…that’s 2 billion dollars. I don’t get it.
  • Been checking into my genealogy lately … seems my great great great grandmother on some side of the family was never married back in the 18 hundreds .. rumor has it a wealthy train tycoon building the railroad at the time ate several dinners at the house. Sounds good anyway. Similarly, on another side of the family my great great great great grandfather rode with Teddy Roosevelt in Florida chasing the Seminole indians. In 1862 he joined the confederate Calvary at the age of 72, along with his 4 sons. All the sons, one of which is my great great great grandaddy all made it back, thankfully …but Old Mige did not. All that can be said from my view is he must have liked to fight  alot.
  • well time for a wine review .. today is a Stefano Farina Italia (that’s Italy) Barbera d’ Alba 2008 … nice bottle, lovely appearance, fragrant with a hit of sea salt and sand. (sounds like a girl on the beach) Not bad for 11 bucks. I give it an 88 MAF

Cheers and keep positive thoughts when at all possible.