Updates On Craig MM POEMS Patient

This from Jason,today Sunday, March 29, 2009; I have requested a photo of Craig, Frank Boyd Ed.

Jason here. Just got back from a long day at the hospital. I stayed over last night. it was a pretty quiet night, but by 6am Craig was feeling some anxiety due to the pain. His hip was sore with the way he was lying on the bed. So he was agitated and his oxygen level was low. The nurses took him down to the ICU around 2pm and he’s been there since. His blood pressure is low, so they are monitoring that too. His heart rate was high, but he is resting now and that has come down. His oxygen levels are back to 100% and he just got some pain medication. He is feeling discomfort, but they will monitor his condition tonight. They will also do a chest CT scan to make sure there’s no blood clotting or infection where the drainage tube is. He’s getting lots of attention in the ICU so that’s good. He has lots and lots of visitors, but only family can go into the ICU. Hopefully the levels will be stable over night and he can go back up to the 4th floor room (if not tomorrow then on Tuesday). We’ll keep you posted.Jason

This from Craig’s Mother Jean on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi Frank..Thanks again for your help. I have heard from many MM and POEMS patients. Craig’s main Dr came in today and said she was talking to Dr Angela and she gave her some suggestions but Dr Angela didn’t think they should use thalidomide. They are coming in tomorrow to explain it all to us.
Today Craig had his 3rd amount of belly fluid removed (21 liters in all 3) but they have left the tube in and have it clamped and will let some more off in a couple days. He has been in hospital 82 days lying flat on his back…he’s starting to go stir-crazy..Its been hard for us as well. His brother is coming tomorrow from BC for the second time.We are missing home but will stay on as long as it is neccesary.

Many Thanks for all who have helped,

Jean Lane

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