Update to hospital stay

Today the doctors came in to visit Mark. He wants to keep Mark one more day. So far there is no infection showing. His kidneys are being a little tricky, his body also may have been trying to rejecting the new stem cells. It is possible one or both have caused the fevers. Because he also has a low blood pressure which is normal for after transplant, they will watch him another day.
He has been pretty stubborn with the nurses and me about getting up. So they had to call in reinforcement, the physical therapist. They had to make him get up and walk.
The good news is he has engrafted, and his white cell has tripled in two days.
As of this afternoon he is filling much better and walking when he is suppose to.
Thank you everyone for the calls, prayers, thoughts and offers.
There is nothing anyone can do, even me. It is Mark’s body that has to do the work now. Shane and I have everything else under control.
So thanks again everyone.