Update on Paula for those who don’t read Sean’s or Roo’s blogs.

The following was left by Gill, Paula’s s-i-l on another myeloma sufferers blog yesterday.

“I’m Paula’s sister in law Gill. So so sorry to hear of Sean’s passing. I can tell you that Paula was heartbroken when she heard the news. I am sorry to post here but Bernard wanted me to get information to all Paula’s wonderful online friends and I am not really sure how to do it. Paula has had the most horrendous few weeks. The last chemo treatment into her spinal fluid caused extremely severe side effects and she has been so poorly. Last night it was decided to stop further treatment and just make Paula as comfortable as possible. I have just come home from hospital with my son Neil and Bernard and wonderful Aunty Ann are still sat with Paula. It was a hard night as Paula has a few episodes of distress and agitation. However, when I left she was peaceful and far more comfortable. Thank you so much for the messages you sent to Paula on the ward. I don’t know how you did it far too computer technical for me. I read each one to her and I just know she heard every word. Please feel free to contact me through Paula’s blog (I’ll have to just go through the comments part) or we can talk on facebook. God bless to you all.”

I know that most of you who read our blog will already know the news, but I wanted to make sure that people like Dave and Lynne in OZ, who met Paula at our wedding last year, and Mike C. too, knew what was happening.

When this photo was taken Paula had actually escaped from the hospital for the day, between her 12 hourly IV antibiotics! I hope you will also note the pints belonging to Bernard and Dave!

Mike and I are due to visit her tomorrow (Saturday).