Update on Dom

It’s been a rough week.

Dom’s 3 1/2 inch lesion is on his LEFT HIP.

This week, his RIGHT HIP started killing him.

I sent an email to our liaison nurse at the Slidell Cancer Center on Wednesday afternoon to request an MRI.  (Which is how they found his hip lesion)

She didn’t bother to return my email or call us.

Went to Slidell for his chemo on Friday.  Dom went into our doctor’s office to bitch.

Doc was OFF for the day.  Apparently, there were NO doctors on Friday.

He said that he wanted an MRI-  now!

Finally, one of the nurses told him to go the Emergency Room.  They would be expecting him.

Sure enough, they got him into a room quickly.

TWO HOURS LATER, the ER doc said that they had FINALLY got a hold of his Oncologist.  Said that there was no need for an MRI until next week.  The ER doc apologized for the lack of communication. (He was a sweet guy-  loved him)

It turns out that our liaison did, in fact, see the email.  Apparently ignored it.

When we Igot home, there was a phone message from her, asking how it went today.  You think I’m going to return her call?  NO EFFING WAY.

So, MRI is scheduled for Tuesday.

We switched from NOLA to Slidell for convenience.  We’re having 2nd thoughts.  Going to see our Tulane Oncologist on August 31st.  She’ll decide if he’s ready for the SCT after doing a bone marrow biopsy and check his M-Spike.