Update from Becky – August 24th

Its August 24th. Just got back from the Mariners game. For those of you
who didn’t know, I won tickets at SCCA last week for this game. My doctor
had scheduled my chemo to start today but I told her she needed to change
it because I was going to the game. Boy, am I glad I did. It was a great
game. Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics 3-1. Lopez and Griffy hit home
runs. The seats were amazing. They were club seats on the right field
line. Enough of the game.
Tomorrow is my first round of Chemo, cytoxan, I will be at the clinic at
7:45 until 7 or 8 at night. This is getting my body ready to harvest my
stem cells. My doctor said that it may be difficult to get enough stem
cells for two transplants because of how long I was on the previous
treatment. They have learned Revlimid makes it hard to produce enough stem
cells. I was on that since March. Pray this isn’t going to be that way for
me. That my body will bounce back quickly after the cytoxan(definitely
sounds like a poison). If my body has difficulty producing the stem cells,
the time on the machine to retrieve them may be longer which could cause
me to have transfusion during the process.
The rest of the week will involve blood tests and giving me nueprogen,
which is the G-csf, growth-cell stimulating factor. Thats all I know so
far. I won’t know the rest of my schedule until sometime during the end of
this week.
God Bless and thank all of you for the many prayers that are going up for me.
Cards and notes are great. My address is 1200 Boylston Ave. #305, Seattle,
WA 98101. Found out the fresh flowers and plants are very bad. They can
carry bacteria.