Update from Becky – August 19, 2009

Well I saw my doctor today. Here is wants up. Thursday I will have the
Hickman placed at the University of Washington Hospital. I will definitely
be out of it that day. Tuesday we will start the cytoxin, chemo that will
wipe out by body and Wednesday they will give me G-something something to
enchance the growth of my stem cells. The biggest concern she has is that
I may have difficulty in getting the 10 million stem cells needed for two
transplants since I was receiving treatment for so long. Normally they try
to get you in sooner after treatment begins like she wanted me in last
Jan. or Feb. but that wasn’t possible. I may need more transfusions
because they will probably have to take more blood out of me. So, for
about 2 weeks I will go in have a shot of nuepragen, another stem cell
enhancement, and be hooked up to a machine that will take out my blood
which through the process will take my stem cells and return the left over
blood to me. If my stem cells are low, I will have to stay on the machine
longer than most and this is where I could lose too much blood and may
need the transfusions. The good news is the myeloma cells dropped in my
bone marrow down to .9% from the 80-90% at diagnosis. Bad news is that
they found more bone lesions from the MRI. I asked if my hips were part of
that because I have lots of pain in my hips. At night, in bed I have to
constantly roll over until I don’t feel any pain. Ron always tells me I
waddle which I knew because my hips hurt. They found lesions in my hips,
on my L2 lumber, and my neck along with the original ones on my skull and
right femur. So, I was definitely stage 3 at diagnosis. The reason for the
transplant is to stop the growth of these lesions and wipe out the myeloma

My prayer is that they will get plenty of stem cells quickly with little
problems and I don’t need any transfusions. The treatment will wipe out
the rest of the myeloma cells and stop the growth of these lesions and I
will bounce back quickly.

Remember the joy of the Lord is my strength. God will be gloried as He
gives the doctors wisdom in all they do. God be praised. Amen

God Bless and love you all for your constant prayer and concerns.