Upcoming SCT

I went to Karmanos for a meeting with Dr Ayash and her staff. I will be having a PICC line inserted in my arm on Feb 15th. They don’t want to use my mediport to infuse by stem cells plus I will be using more than 1 line anyways. On Feb 16 I will receive a high dose of chemo to wipe out all the remaining myeloma cells in my blood. This will also knock out my immune system. Feb 17th I go back for IV fluids and then on Feb 18th I get admitted to Karmanos and get my stem cells, which I harvested in April 2006 infused. I will be in the hospital for approximately 2weeks or until my wbc’s get back to normal range. I will be allowed visitors who will have to wear a mask to enter my room. I can even have over night guests if I want : ) My next goal is to get my haircut really short before I go in and it all falls out.