Upate and Lack of Updates!

When you’re sick and at the hospital you seem to have plenty of time to sit down and write, and write and write!  When you’re not sick, you may still worry but you’re not sitting down and writing about nothing!  And now that I’m not currently climbing tall buildings (slowly) I’ve been focusing on the rest of life: kids, wife and family (I guess work has to fit in there as well). 

I have to do an update regarding my Nike app and the Empire State Building run.

I have to do an update on a friend that went through a tandem and the drugs he was taking (as it’s completely different than what I did).

I have to do an update on what really caught me off guard after this year’s push up the ESB.

But I also have u12 rugby, baseball, summer camps, vacations and so many other things that I’ve just not kept up w/ my blog.

Thanks to those of you that are reading and following.  I just got back from the doc today and I am doing great, still no sign of the disease. I know others that aren’t doing that well so I’ll thank my lucky stars and ask that everyone else put out a good word for those that are really facing the challenge.

Thanks for reading!