un(Like) Cancer Day

One thing I have realized about living with and being around
those affected by cancer, is it has the tendency to pull out a lot of raw emotion. Although I
try to steer towards positive emotions by driving on the path of optimism,
filled with hope, I at times will hit a bump in the road, that sends me a
little off track.

This was one of those weeks where Myeloma got under my skin.
To be honest, I can probably count on one hand the times Myeloma pissed me off.
I can’t explain for certain why this count has been so low, but I have my
theories. One being, I have personally chosen not to “fight” the disease in the
traditional sense. I am not looking to muster up additional gusto to “battle”
with Multiple Myeloma. Rather, I am choosing to #dominateLife, which may help me to be more positive and not get pulled into the negative thoughts
that surround anyone fighting to live for another day, week,
month or year.