Unexpected Purchases

Until you’ve experienced a serious illness in your family, you don’t realize how expensive medical supplies are. While Mr. B was still in the hospital we had a visit from the occupational therapist. She gave us a detailed list of the medical items that would be required before we could bring Mr. B home. These items were needed for safety and comfort reasons. And came to a total of over $1,000. With only one income in our family, it was an added burden that I didn’t need to worry about right now. But thankfully we have credit cards that still have available credit room. I’m not sure what I would have done otherwise. There were so many items that had to be purchased that were not really medical in nature but were still needed. For example, I had to purchase two sets of sheets for the hospital bed, some extra pajamas for Mr. B, a pair of slippers, a handheld shower attachment and a truckload of over the counter pharmacy supplies.
Our home has been transformed. I had to totally rearrange the furniture in our bedroom to allow for a hospital bed to be moved in. I had to make sure that all areas in our home had enough clearance to allow for Mr. B to steer a walker around without hitting something. Right now I’ve crowded excess items into my office and the den and I’ve made these areas off limits to Mr. B. He’s not very impressed with that but I don’t want to take a chance that he will get hung up on something and take a bad fall. In the next few weeks I will need to make some hard decisions about getting rid of some of these things.