Understanding Serum Free Light Chain Assays


You received this booklet to learn more about
a type of laboratory test called the Serum
Free Light Chain Assays (SFLCA). These tests
are also known collectively as Freelite™. After
reading this booklet, you should be able to
answer the following questions:

*What are free light chains?

*How are free light chains related to
multiple myeloma?

*How does the Freelite test help with diagnosis
and monitoring response to treatment
of multiple myeloma?

This booklet is intended to provide you with
general information only. It is not meant to
replace the advice of your doctor or nurse
who can answer questions related to your
specific treatment plan. The definitions of all
words in bold are found in the glossary at
the end of the booklet.

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The Serum Free Light Chain Assays:

Normal Versus Abnormal
Normal levels of serum free light chains are*:

• Kappa: 3.3–19.4 mg/L*
• Lambda: 5.71–26.3 mg/L*
• Kappa/lambda ratio: 0.26–1.65**