UAMS- results

Well back from Little Rock with more concerns:
Test results
Polytypic plasmacytosis
8% plasma aspiration
5-10% core plasma cells
Atypical plasmacytosis
Aberrant immunophenotype cells 0.39%
Total plasma cells 0.56
Normal plasma cells 17%
Total analyzed 3,122,708
Aberrant cells postive for CD45(heterogenous), CD38, CD138, CD 56(bi-modal), CD20(heterogenous)
CD27 and CD81
Negative for CD19
Significant Hematologic abnormalites:  Erthroid precursors manifest mild Megablastoid changes
Kapp/Lambda 2:1
IGG 1700
Good news the ratios k/l and l/k were back within ranges???  I asked many , many question. Dr. B was out so I had a sub. who was very informative and talked about 1/2 hour to me.  He expressed a “down played” attitude.  I am still stabile under his reading?  The words above I saw for the first time
Aberrant immunophenotype cells 0.39
all the tests with CD ecterea.
Though cheered for about 1 hour I began reading the results more closely and am very concerned. The only good news to me is  my ratios are back within range?  Do not know why?  I asked and Doc.
said that was a good thing.  I wished I had not looked up Erthroid precursors mild Megablastoid changes.  Internet says Myelodisplastic Syndrom is indicated!  Which could mean Acute Myeloid Leukemia(that may be worse than MM) or Lymphomia.  Uncle had Lymphomia, dad’s brother.

Oh the joy of living with a shadow hanging over me……. Beatles reference, although slight.

The eternal footman standing in the corner holding my coat and snickering!

The second line references TS Eliot’s poem, The lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock.  The next line reads,
“And in short, I was afraid.”