Well, Dr. Z after viewing finally my July test results from Tenn. Oncology has changed my local testing to Monthly.  On tuesday I go again for all the tests. I have to collect urine for 24 hours and take it in and have all the blood work done.  It is not as bad as the tests in Little Rock.  In Little Rock I have
 the PET Scan, MRI with contrast, MRI without contrast, CT scan, bone density and the mother
of all tests the BONE MARROW BIOPSY,which as my constant readers know is lying on your stomach and having a large needle(with local anesthic) pushed into my hip bone.  They extract marrow
and a piece of bone!  Lovely procedure,  I have had 6-7 of them.  I have lost count.

My new tests here will see if my upward movement both Kappa/lambda ratios and m-protein and
Urine are showing more Myeloma.  If so, well that is just not good.

Wish me luck out there in Blog land.