UAMS and Natural Killer Cell trial

I heard back from UAMS and am going to be evaluated for the above trial at my next visit in Little Rock Sept 16-18th.  My insurance has now began to accept the hospital PET scans there as “in Network” otherwise the cost was roughly three grand which my lovely wife figured out how for me not  to pay for….she is a billing expert with Frist Clinic.

I am hoping all is stable this trip.  Last time it was with some,  “Clonal grouping” etc.    My last 6-7 bi-monthly blood work results/Zometa infusions  have been overall “trending up” according to phone nurses at MIRT.

To be accepted in the trial I must have high risk smoldering, which is  1.5 g/dl of m-protein and or
10 percent or greater BMB plasma cell content and Kappa/lambda ratios out of whack, as I put it.
The ratios can also be Lamda/Kappa for those with Lambda MM.  I also must get the approval of my Doctor, Dr. B. since presumably  I am still in the MGUS long term study from 2010.

For those readers who have kept up my father and brother both had Myeloma, so I have been on this like stink on poop since 2009.  My father died in the dark ages from MM in 1994 and my brother had  5+ years thanks to UAMS.

This is a particular molecular entity for each individual.   Although one might have IGG kappa MM
the particular human genome/gene affected may be different.  For those of us Atheists, and proud supporters of Evolution, the researchers have determined there are many different competing types of bad clones evolving in our bodies.  The fittest clone, survives and takes over and attacks us.  While not a comforting short term thought, it is promising for research down the road.  I am hopeful that medical science will help me and prevent my niece, nephew and children from contracting this cancer.

Results to follow late September.