Two Weeks in Knitting (with a dash of immunes)

I have lots of new things to show you!

I am halfway through the first Arnulf sock.
This is the January Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club kit.  By the time you read this, I should be on the stripey foot.
FL had a hospital appointment last Tuesday, so I needed something easy for the waiting room.  Arnulf is not difficult but it does require concentration.  So I cast on the Solar Flair sock, also by Rachel Coopey.
I am using HazelKnits Artisan sock from the depths of the stash, in the colour “Cami Chic”.
Squoosh-tastic!  I had forgotten how lovely this yarn is.

Health bit:
The hospital appointment was fine – FL’s Myeloma is “steady” with a Kappa score of 226.  He has been suffering from recurrent chest infections though, so they are offering him an Octagam infusion.  That’s like an intraveneous drip containing immunoglobulin.  His own body isn’t making IgG to fight off infections.  It has to be administered really slowly to avoid anaphylactic shock, so it will take all day in the outpatients clinic.

Back to knitting… 

On the 1st February I cast on the Monte Rosa cardigan.  This tiny piece of architecture sits around the neck.  I cannot praise the pattern-writer highly enough (Isabell Kraemer).  The instructions are impeccable.  I am in awe.  This is what it looks like by the time you reach the top of page 4 of the 16 page pdf :)

Last but not least, my February sock club package arrived.

The yarn is called “Snow Blindness” and the pattern is called “Berdine”.  This is a fairy-tale inspired club, but this one has me stumped.  Does anyone recognise the story from these names?