Two procedures: Picc line and Nephrostomy

Wasn’t much to report yesterday (Saturday).  We had a few visitors and passed our day doing nothing.  I have found a comfy way to fall asleep in a chair, leaning on the window sill with a pillow.  Not bad!  I only need power naps to keep me going.

Today, however, was very stressful for both of us I’m sure!  Tony has been so brave during this entire hospital stay.  My brother and sister-in-law came to keep me company during this procedure.  Took 2 hours and 45 minutes!!!  Waiting is so hard.  He had a picc line done on his arm with the help of x-rays and he had both his kidneys done with a procedure called nephrostomy.  Awake!!!  Yikes!   He now is fashioning a pouch on both sides collecting “liquids”.  The doctor this morning said his potassium was high so they gave him something for that.  They are on it, making sure all tests are done and monitored.  Tomorrow morning let’s see what the blood work shows.  We need these kidneys to heal in order to initiate the chemo.  Looks like it’s been delayed another two days because of his kidneys.  In the meantime, his breathing continues to be laboured and passing urine naturally, still isn’t happening……..
I know we have lots of people praying and rooting for him!  Keep them coming people!  
An early nite for me.
Looking forward to lots of zzzzzzzzzz.