Two good days in a row

Even though they changed the release date from hospital, I still consider today a good day.
Two days in a row with improvements.
Still breathing heavily, but so much better.
Sitting upright in bed without my craning him up or using the bed buttons to lift him.
Less dependant on oxygen mask.  In fact he looked for it only twice today.
This morning he walked the entire 4th floor.
Weight loss, which is really most likely water retention.
Right foot is just about there with regards to the swelling going down.
Left foot is looking better, but still can’t put his shoe on.  But clearly better.
We forgot to ask about his hemoglobin today…..
Bronchospopy showed no surprises after 48 hours of tests.  All ok.
Today at 1pm they capped off his nephrostomy tubes and at 3pm he had his first feeling of urinating and did it all on his own.  Every couple of hours he went.  Urologist feels that today and tomorrow won’t be enough time to confirm functionality.  She wants him to stay till Sunday.  Doesn’t want another set back.  Fear is that the bladder won’t work and back up again in his kidneys and we would be back to two weeks ago.  I’m actually ok with that decision.  Better safe than sorry.  Don’t want to deal with emergency on the weekend!  No way!
On Monday, Homecare will assess him with his needs and he’ll most likely be sent home then.
Follow up appointment at the oncology clinic during the week to be done.
Two good days in a row…..
Nite everyone!
Sleep tight!