Twice good news

Today I got my new m-protein values. It was really exciting this time. How would my body respond to the pills instead of the infusions. Two months ago I started with the Endoxan pills of 50 mg. Before that I had two-weekly infusions of  1000 mg.  The quantity went down from 1000 mg to 700 mg per fortnight and daily pills instead of one pulse.

I’m happy to say that the efficacy is good. The results of my m-proteins were to low to quantify. A good moment to celebrate my 6th MM jubilee.


Results 09-10-2012

Today I was also attended to good news for all MM patients. The Danish company Genmab, also present in the Netherlands, will have an enormous financial injection from Johnson & Johnson. In order to develop a new agent called  Daratumumab. If you want to know more, click to Myeloma Beacon. Now we love Denmark even more! Very interesting!!!!! Read the fact-sheet.