Twas The Knit Before Christmas

I had a wild weekend of scrubbing and vacuuming in the wake of our painters.
There was plaster dust everywhere.
Not good for FL’s lungs, on top of a heavy cold!
But almost everything is shiny and clean now. 
Look at the glare from that fresh white gloss on the windowsill!
I just need to chuck out the dog on Christmas Eve and scrub the floor of paw-prints, so that for one day at least I can risk letting my ball of yarn roll off the sofa…!

Although I didn’t have much knitting time over the weekend, I am making good progress on my Kex Blanket.  By Friday, I should be ready to start the final slice of tartan.  After that, I “just” have to work the border and it will be done – woo hoo!
I only managed to squeeze in one lace repeat of my Infuscate Curl.  This beast requires good daylight and maximum concentration.
It is going to be lovely!

In sock news, I ripped out more of Inge than I knit in the past week.  I had dropped not one but two stitches in the most meandering sections of travelling stitches.  I tried looping them back up, but got into a terrible tangle.  So I did the sensible thing and ripped back a week’s-worth of lunchtime knitting.  I don’t think I will finish this pair in 2014 after all.
But who can tell?  I might just decide to sit down and do it til it’s done, so I can start 2015 with a whole heap of finished objects and new cast-ons – exciting!