Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Many of you have asked if it is okay to post my blog on your facebook page or share it with friends and family.  I want to let everyone know that I encourage you to share this site with anyone and everyone.  Please, please, please help spread the word that cancer patients have options.  (In case you’re wondering, it does feel a little weird to have my personal life on the web but I’m getting over it.)
I’d suggest that you not wait until someone is diagnosed with cancer to share this information.  By the time someone is diagnosed, it will probably be too late.  Newly diagnosed cancer patients often make fear-based decisions and will choose the route that feels familiar and comfortable.  I know several people who have been diagnosed with late stage cancer that conventional treatments couldn’t cure.  These patients still chose to to do conventional treatment because an alternative treatment just didn’t feel right to them.  So, the conventional treatment that offered no hope of a cure felt better than the althernative therapy that offered a 50% chance of success.  I think we’re just brainwashed from birth to believe that orthodox medicine is the safe, effective choice.  There’s no other way to explain why people continue to choose the route that offers no hope.  It’s worth mentioning that Dr. Gonzlez has over a 50% success rate with stage three and four disease.  Odds of success are higher for those who have not had chemotherapy or radiation as the effects of these treatments are often irreversible and debilitating.

To make matters worse for the patient who is evaluating treatment options, many oncologists will tell scared, desperate patients considering non-conventional treatments that the alternative therapies don’t work.  Well meaning family and friends often pressure patients to go the conventional route because alternatives aren’t proven.  So, the patient ends up receiving false information from every angle.  I feel fortunate that my oncologist was honest and admitted she knew nothing about what I wanted to pursue.  My family and friends were behind me every step of the way.  I thank God for the love and support I have every day because there is absolutely no way that I could have done this alone. 

I know so many cancer patients who have died because they didn’t know they had options outside of the conventional world or because they chose the wrong alternative therapy, just as I did.  I created this blog because I want to stop cancer patients from dying just because they don’t have the right information. 

p.s. You’ve already done a great job spreading the word.  I had 2,000 hits on the site in the first week.   Yippppeeee!!!