Trying to find peace and joy

Fair warning: This is not an uplifting post.

Well, I must say, this holiday season has been tough. I am trying to find that whole “Peace, Joy, and Goodwill toward men” thing but, boy, is it elusive this year. First, so much of my state has been devastated by hurricane Sandy. The economy is worse than ever, and for once, even Tim is slow.
Hope that turns around after the new year. This fiscal cliff thing, the election, and all the bad news swirling around, I think, has just zapped consumer confidence. This shooting in CT it the worst of it though. Those poor people. I brought Olivia to school on Monday and there were cops everywhere. Then, some senior in our school made some kind of threat, was arrested, and there are even more cops at our school every morning now. JEEZ, it’s just so sad. Not fun to be a kid these days. That town in CT is only about 70 miles from here. We’ve driven past it countless times, as it is right off the highway we take when we go to VT or NH. Horrible that our kids go to school with this fear now. I wonder if Olivia will graduate highschool before we see metal detectors installed in the school.We went into NY city on Wed. to see the show “Elf” and the Rockefeller Center tree, windows, etc. It put us back into the holiday spirit, only to come home and find out later that night about the threat in our school and how it had been put on lockdown right after school let out that day. I dunno. What is wrong with people?
This psychologist on TV said that people blame their problems on others, don’t take personal responsibility for their own words/actions, and then take revenge on others because they are so miserable. Sounds like my out-laws. It’s true though. So many people blame everyone else for their
own issues and never look at themselves. NOT good. Went to an MM support group meeting on Thursday, which was also hard.
One woman, who has been in remission for years now, just told us her husband was dx’ed with advanced esophageal cancer. She is beside herself. Dang, bad news everywhere I turn. I just got off the phone with my younger sister. Her family is dealing with flu and colds, and has been for some time. Our Christmas celebrations may fall apart now, as we may have to stay away from them, and just started spending Christmas at her house after last year’s falling out with Tim’s family. So, it may
be jammies, TV, and Christmas Eve leftovers for us on Christmas day. Oh well, As usual, I have to dig really deep to find those blessings, but they’re there. Always. We’re gonna make the best of it, even if the three of us spend the day home. Good thing we enjoy each other’s company. I thought about going back into the city and catching the Christmas spectactular, or trying to find a soup kitchen to volunteer at. Knowing me, I’ll be beat from doing Christmas Eve and just want to relax.
Oh well, hope your holidays are happy. I’m gonna do whatever I can to get there. Hey, things may not be perfect but………………IT AIN’T THE END OF THE WORLD, RIGHT?????!!!!!

Them crazy mayans.