Hello. I’m sorry, I lost myself. I think I thought you were someone else. Should we talk about the weather?
Pop Song 89 – REM

Day 29 : Jus’ checkin’ in. Nowt to report

When I went off line for 5 days last week, I received a few slightly nervous “Where are you?” messages. Today’s update is really just to allay those concerns.

I get up (quite late). I eat my breakfast. I read the paper. We do some sudokus and crosswords. My Mum has a book of crosswords which claim to be “for the internationally inclined”. They’re pretty taxing, unless you happen to already know the names of uninhabited Caribbean islands, the capital of Moldova, and the ancient cities of the Euphrates. Which we don’t.

I have some lunch. I go for a walk – a little further each day. I’m even managing a bit of the hill now. I do wish it wasn’t quite so cold. Get it together, weather! SOME OF US DON’T HAVE ANY HAIR.

I do my exercises. I watch Pointless. We drink sherry. We have supper. Exciting stuff. It’s a good routine.

Both my parents are here now, and I’m not doing any of the work. No complaints. I am in recovery. (Wonder how long I can cling to that excuse?)

I’m still feeling quite weak. Most of the time my legs feel like I’ve just finished a brisk 3 hour hike. And a few minutes of household chores gets me puffing. But it’s much better than it was a few days ago, which is all I can ask. Step by step, day by day, mile by mile. (That’s Whitney Houston, by the way, but she ain’t never gettin’ no formal credit in my pantheon of song lyrics, I’m tellin’ ya.)

And I’m not in hospital, which is worth a lot in itself. Tomorrow I will have been home for a whole week. Maybe I deserve a cake?