beautifully wrapped treats

Ahh… treats for me after the Vidaza cycle. Well, actually I had planned to go get some green tea but walking through B2 of Takashimaya, there are plentiful of goodies to tempt you. And I was tempted! Well, I tell myself, I am giving me some special treats after going through another round of Vidaza. I should give me some cheer. And chocolate can cheer me well!!! I need endorphins!

TWG offered three types of Sencha (Japanese green tea) – Gyokuro Samurai and two others. At 50gm, smallest packet, Gyokuro Samurai is most expensive, we asked why and the service staff showed us the tea leaves and allowed us to sniff the fragrance. Gyokuro Samurai looks the greenest whereas the other two are darker green. She explained the way of preparation and storage, keeps the chlorophyll in the leaves and this obviously mean they are better for health. Do not pour boiling water on the leaves but rather 70C to 80C is the right temperature. Infuse for only 1 to 2 minutes (unlike black tea, 3 minutes). I decided to try the cold tea approach, which is to put the tea in a teabag (empty) and place it in a jug of cold water, overnight. I learnt about this cold tea preparation from the manager of a Japanese restaurant.

There are so many chocolates delicatessens – Godiva, Royce, Beschle etc etc. I decided on the Swiss Beschle. I requested that the 16 pieces be mostly dark chocolate ( with liqueur… for P ). Dark chocolate is actually good. I know that sugar is bad for cancer so I do consciously limit my consumption of refined sugars.

Fadina is a Middle Eastern – nuts, dried fruits, preserved fruits, soft nougat – shop. When I first tasted their offerings some years back, I did not like it but a later occasion, I seem to enjoy them. I asked for the lesser sweet of the varieties displayed behind the glass counter and decided on the drier version, singly packed.  Picked some with pistachio and some with rose petals. I think they are quite lovely to look at… and to eat!

Surely all these treats will give me plenty of cheer. Keeping cheerful is an important aspect of healing the body and the mind. We need some “pick-me-up” along this arduous mm journey. Get me some endorphins!

A fellow mm-er P, has now need dialysis and  has been in and out of the hospital.  I am most encouraged by her fighting spirit, uncomplaining attitude and perseverance. But nevertheless she has her “out of sorts” days. For her, I share my picture of the beautifully wrapped treats, and hope that some kind friends would bring her a treat or two, to cheer her.  

[Chocolate is by far the most popular endorphin-producing food on earth. Known by the Greeks as the “food of the Gods,” chocolate is derived from cacao beans that were revered by the Aztecs, who believed that eating chocolate would confer wisdom and vitality. In addition to sugar, caffeine and fat, chocolate contains more than 300 different constituent compounds, including anandamide, a chemical that mimics marijuana’s soothing effects on the brain)….]