Travel Pills

As with any new treatment, I have discovered that I get new drugs. Lots of drugs as it turns out. Some I have had before, and some are brand new. Pills are pills. Until I enter the hospital, it is my responsibility to remember to take my pills four times a day. I am trying to pass the buck to others to remind me… Just in case. The pharmacist who introduced herself to me yesterday, who has met me on more than one occasion previously, helpfully produced another drug schedule for me, which misses off my MST. The person trained in ladies bits and pieces was correct, I have to take blood thinners because of my girth. I mentioned this to the pharmacist; she looked uncomfortable.

The schedule, by the way, is this:


If you cannot be bothered to work it out, I am taking 28 pills a day, plus mouthwash four times a day and an injection once a day. It’s your standard holiday first aid kit. The anti-sickness makes me rattle. I have rarely taken it before as a routine drug, but as the nausea is supposed to be so horrific, I am more than happy to take the precaution.


Because of all of this, I am rattling and toxic. After all, this is just the stuff going into me outside of the clinic.

Did I mention all this was free?