Transplant day

I recieved my transplant this morning at appoximately 10:A.M. CDT. I was given enough drugs to effecively put me to sleep for a good portion oItalicf the day. My mother, sister (not the donor) and of course my wife were present. Everything seemed to go well, and as of now I feel alright, let’s just see what the next few days bring. The entire procedure only took about 15 minutes, although the benedril and ativan and anti-nausea meds knocked me out for a good portion of the day. Now we just wait a few days and see how I feel then. So far this whole thing hasn’t been too bad. Hopefully it will continue this way The one drawback is I will completely miss the Triduum, my absolute favorite time of year. But what better time to start a new life than Holy Week? I will for the first time pray the Evening Prayer of Holy Thursday and Good Friday, since Evening Prayer is not said by those participating in those liturgies. Unfortunately my tiny universe will preclude me from The Eucharistic Celebration on Easter Sunday. I do believe a Eucharistic Minister from a near by parish will at least bring Communion. All of this is a small price to pay, missing one Triduum for many, many more.
Deacon John
Monday of Holy Week
March 29, 2010